Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Eurovelo 6: Passau

Organ in Passau cathedral
Today I am in Passau and currently sitting in a laundromat with internet connection. After 24 hours of straight rain the sun is shining again. I cycled 80 km yesterday in constant rain - it was no fun, but it is possible. My rain gear is much better now, but I still have no perfect solution for me shoes and that means wet and cold feet.  And I still have numb fingers - either from cold, rain or because they have been numb for 2 weeks now. I booked myself into a nice B&B in Passau and was almost surprised the landlady let me go inside - so wet and dirty was I when I arrived. But a long hot shower and a visit of an AYCE buffet helped to improve my mood quickly.
Danube statue

Passau has the biggest organ in the world and I attended a fantastic lunch concert that showed the incredibly effects that can be achieved with such a tremendous instrument. And of course I could not resist to visit the castle on top of Passau although that meant lugging my fully loaded bike up a steep hill. Passau is also the last German city - this afternoon I will be in Austria, home of the best Nussbeugerl in the world!

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