Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Back in Berlin

On the Goldsteig
I arrived back in Berlin in some sort of shock worried about the numbness in my hands and when that would finally get better. A visit at a orthopaedic specialist did not improve my mood: He suggested injections to reduce swelling and irritation of the Karpal tunnel and talked about surgery in case things would  not improve. I refused either and hope nature will take its course healing. I will not be cycling for about another 8 months and hopefully the problem will have resolved itself by then. I try to avoid cycling now and I am afraid to admit that I actually sort of hate the bike at the moment, but I do hope that this feeling will go away after a while, too.

After digesting my initial shock and visiting doctors I decided to go hiking again instead of cycling. I still have some time to kill before I fly to the US on May 26th and I didn't want to sit around here in Berlin doing nothing. So tomorrow I will head out and hike 10 days on the Goldsteig in Bayerischer Wald. This area is as much wilderness as we get in Germany. Lots of forest for stealth camping and even the weather forecast is ok. I have already packed all my stuff for the US, so I am ready to go when I come back from hiking. Let's see what happens this time to me...

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