Friday, 11 July 2008

AT: Out of Maine or French Guyana

If you ever wanted to know what a boot camp of the French Foreign Legion in French Guyana would be like, just go and hike the AT in Maine in June! Eventually I am out of there, but it was a hell of a trip. Millions of mosquitoes are eating you alive, you are either hiking through knee-deep bog or sliding down slippery rocks on your butt and it is so humid that you are constantly soaked - either from sweat or rain. The terrain is so difficult that my mileage is below 15 miles per day now. Sometimes I do less than 1 mile per hour - this is pathetic. I got the impression that this trail has been design by the American association of knee surgeons in order to get more patients! Everything is out here to make you slip and fall: Rocks, roots, soil, leaves - just everything. Luckily I haven't broken anything - yet!

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