Friday, 23 January 2009

Tassie - here I come!

After spending 2 months in Western Australia it is time to leave now. I will fly to Tasmania on the 27th of January and start cycling around there. After 40 C heat Tasmania will be nice and cool (hopefully not wet and cold!). I even found a cycling partner for Tasmania! I had posted a "trip partner wanted" ad on an American website for my upcoming trip to Japan and Mark answered. To both our surprise it turned out that I am travelling around Australia and he is living here in Sidney. So we decided to have a try-out trip in Tasmania. I wanted to go there anyway and he was very easily convinced. I will meet him in Hobart on the 27th. This will be a very interesting "blind date". He has already offered me his long johns... (well, this is quite innocent: Tassie will be very cold and my warm gear is still in Melbourne). So now I am quite excited to have a cycling partner...

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