Saturday, 7 March 2009

New Zealand

Christchurch Cathedral
 After I had discovered how luxurious cycling can be and that I will probably be back in Australia next year, I decided to go on to New Zealand and cycle around there with John. Figuring out all the flights was a logistical nightmare, but to my great surprise I could change my Air New Zealand ticket for only a very little fee.

So right now I am in Christchurch, NZ and will cycle around here for 7 weeks. My stay in Japan will be very short then (just 3 weeks), but the exchange rate is not very good for me anyways. The Japanese Yen against the Euro is at a 13-year- high right now, so that's not the best time to travel there anyway.

Canterbury Museum, Christchurch
I have mixed feelings about cycling in New Zealand: I wanted to stay a shorter time, but I could not get any earlier flight out. The weather might not cooperate; we will be cycling well into fall. And I might not get along with my cycling partner John. So far the weather is really good here and New Zealanders are pretty nice, so maybe things will work out.

And there is another frightening thing: My wonderful trip will end soon! I have only 2 1/2 months left before my rtw-ticket ends and I have to go back to Germany. But I am already planning my next trip....

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