Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Eurovelo 6: Germany - the good and the bad

 A brave cyclist?
The Danube bike trail in Germany is not as crowded as its counterpart in Austria - but equally interesting. I even found out that there are trail angels in Germany! I was cycling on a really rainy day (something quite normal!) and fled into a bakery to eat something. Sitting there and chewing some wonderful Sachertorte I started talking to the lady running the shop about my bike trip. She was awfully impressed and when I left she gave me some nice pastry as a present because "I am so brave!"

But I have also been victim to vandalism: When I had parked my bike outside a McDonalds (shame on me) in Ingolstadt, somebody had broken the tray of my map holder - apparently just for fun. I could buy a new one the next day but the thing costs 25 EUR and I was pretty annoyed. I didn't expect vandalism in a nice Bavarian town like Ingolstadt.


Anonymous said...

Liebe Christine,

wann kommen eigentlich mal Nokia N95-Photos?
Wir wollen doch dringend wissen wie Du nach 4 Wochen Big Trip aussiehst!

German Tourist said...

ich sitze meistens in Internet cafes oder wie jetzt gerade im Waschsalon und da kann man keine SD-Karten laden.
Und leider hatte ich seit langem mehr kein gratis WLAN...

Anonymous said...


schön, Dich mal life am Rechner zu haben. Ich hoffe, der Regen hat Deiner guten Laune keinen Abbruch getan.

Tolle Sache, Dich von West nach Ost durch Europa begleiten zu dürfen.

Hast Du schon gesehen, dass Du auf dem Titelbild life mitwanderst?

LIebe Grüße,