Thursday, 3 May 2018

Northern European traverse

On May 5th I will embark on my next big hiking trip: 3,000 km from Gothenburg in Sweden to the Northernmost point in Europe, the North Cape in Norway. This is the last part of my European North-South traverse.

Part one of this hike from Germany to Spain has taken place in the winter of 2013/14 and is part of my latest book. I hiked part two through Germany and Denmark mostly in summer of 2016 when an unexpected hospital stay forced me to abandon more adventurous plans. I hope to finish this last part in early September this year.

I will mostly be following the European long-distance trail E1 but will probably deviate from it to hike the famous Kungsleden instead.

During my hike I will post daily in German on my FB page. An update in English on this blog will follow after returning to home.