Saturday, 26 July 2008

AT: Zero day or when the skies have diarhea

The last couple of days have been a real challenge. I am out of the rough terrain (thank God), but all of a sudden the sky got diarhea meaning that it started to rain like I have never seen any rain before. Everything is bigger in America - even their thunderstorms. It was just pouring down and every 2 hours or so there would be a new dump or eruption or whatever you want to call it. No rain jacket stands weather like that and unfortunately my tent did not either. Well, the tent itself coped pretty good, but there was so much downpour that the ground could not absorb it and so I ended up in a "water bed". That means that the water came up through the floor of the tent and in the end everything was soaking wet. My sleeping bag was more a rag filled with wet feathers than anything else.

But now comes the good part: I was meeting Packman and Wildflower (PCT 04 as well) the next day and that meant that I would sleep under a roof the next night! I was excited! Everything worked out well: Packman met me in Hanover and brought me to Montpelier for a zero day. The irony of all that: The sun was shining all day long on my zero day....I spent a fantastic time chatting about the good ole times on the PCT with Packman and Wildflower and even sightseeing in the capitol of Vermont. I was treated with great healthy vegetarian food and even self brewed cidre. Alas - I had to leave soon. I took public transport back to the trail in Hanover and of course the last bus on my planned route did only exist on the internet - it never showed up in reality. So I had to take a taxi for the last few kilometers to Hanover. 

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