Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A rest day in Oviedo

Eventually, after almost 3 weeks on the Florida Trail I am having a rest day. I definitely should have had one earlier, but as always early in a trail I just want to hike.
I am staying with a trail angel in Oviedo, FL, who is exactly the same person who sort of lured me into this whole trail with a presentation he had given at the Gathering in 08. And now, 1,5 years later I am staying with him and his girlfriend.

Hot Spring
It is heavenly to sleep in a real bed again - actually for the first time since I have arrived in the US. Jon and Joan are treating me very nicely with good food and great company. Jon even took me to a sightseeing trip today and we saw literally hundreds of manatees (also called sea cows und fuer die Deutschen Seekuehe). I expected to see a lot of stuff in Florida, but manatees were not among them. We also got a lot of organizational stuff done and then we even went to shop at an ALDI. What a treat - I felt like back home in Germany. Right now I am spoiling my appetite with real German Aldi chocolate.
Life is good again!


Anonymous said...

Hello Christine,

We are the FTA members that live along the Florida Trail that met you at the meeting and later saw you walking close to our home on the trail to state road 46.

We hope you enjoyed the Backpackers meals we provided. We were on our way to Tavares to eat at friends Thai restaurant and decided to watch your back.

There was a Mexican man following behind you. Not many Mexicans are in this area or other people walking on State road 46.

He was waiting around and watching you as you entered the woods. When he saw us watching him, he walked past the entrance in the opposite direction. We went up the road on our way, but made a u-turn a mile up the road and doubled back.

Sure enough he had turned around and was peering into the woods where you had entered. We blocked him with our car and stood there.

He decided to go into the opposite direction after seeing as with our emergency lights flaring, but not without looking back to see if we were gone every few minutes. We waited for him to be out of sight in the opposite direction before leaving.

We left word with another man with two dogs that you might have noticed at the entrance to the trail whom also felt he was suspicious and was going to hang around to be sure the guy did not return.

We did see you again on State 46 before the bridge over the River. Hopefully, you arrived at the campsite without any problems.

Carl and Lynn Russo

Carl Russo said...

Hello Christine,

We hope all is well. Looking forward to your next post to track your progress.
We thought you might be interested in our video of our 29 mile bike ride on The James Van Fleet Trail:

The Gen. James A. Van Fleet State Trail is officially designated as part of Florida’s Statewide System of Greenways and Trails. This rail-trail is one of Florida’s most rural. It runs through the Green Swamp, the headwaters for some of Florida’s most canoed rivers, the Withlacoochee (South), Hillsborough, and Peace. Landscapes include the natural environments associated with the Green Swamp, former citrus lands and cattle ranches. With only one curve in its 29.2 miles, you can choose to go slow and view the wildlife or enjoy it at a brisk pace. The trail has excellent wildlife viewing opportunities between Green Pond Road and Bay Lake Road.

Carl and Lynn