Friday, 2 April 2010

Arizona Trail -here I come!

Arizona desert
I flew from Pensacola to Phoenix and of course my flight was delayed 1,5 hours. I missed my connection and arrived in Phoenix 3 hours late, but at least together with my luggage.

In Phoenix I am staying with two PCT hiking friends: Garlic and Greasepot. Last time I had met Garlic was on the AT in 2008 - this is a very small hiking world. Garlic has already hiked the AZT and could give me a lot of invaluable advice. He even arranged a shuttle for me to the Southern Terminus.

When I arrived at their house, there were already 4 packages waiting for me. Best of all was a huge package from Gingerbreadman, who had already sent me a wonderful resupply package on the AT. He spoilt me with 8 kg of snacks.... I hardly had to buy anything for the start of the AZT and the 2 resupply packages I had to mail ahead from Phoenix.

Bad weather struck again: I had to delay my start day for one day, because of a snow storm at higher altitudes.... Aren't I lucky again? But the weather forecast for the next 10 days is great and hopefully a lot of the snow will have melted by now.

So tomorrow I will start a new episode: The Arizona Trail!!!! Rattlesnakes instead of alligators and postholing through snow instead of swamp wading....

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