Friday, 2 April 2010

Florida Trail - the trail

What does the trail look like? Well, don't expect well-manicured single-file trail! Here is a selection of photos to show you what to expect: The first two pictures show Big Cypress, where you are wading through knee-deep water. There are poles every mile, but other than that the trail is marked with orange blazes on trees. I found them easy to spot, but people did get lost in Big Cypress - and a huge swamp is about the last place where you want to get lost in...everything looks the same and there is nothing to orientate yourself on.

The third pictures shows the bike path walk around Orlando. The guidebook describes this area as "culturally stimulting for those interested in the construction of high rise aluminium poles...." Unfortunately, the whole area around Orlando is walking on concrete bike paths. On the fourth photo you see a typical flooded forest road, which can be anything from ankle to thigh-deep water.

On this fifth photo you have to look very closely to see the drama in it. Find the orange blaze and see how high above water level it is. It should be on eye level, but this picture was taken in a ravine of the flooded Suwannee River. As you can see from the height of the blaze, the water is about waist deep here. At least you can judge from the blaze what water level to expect before you wade in and get soaking wet..

The sixth picture shows very well how trail looks like after a 6 hour down pour in the swamp... only the orange blaze proves it is trail. And the last picture shows a culturally stimulating walk through a burnt tree farm. At least camping here is easy.....