Sunday, 9 January 2011

Bibbulmun Track: Conclusion

Shelter on the Bibb
Even after hiking it a second time I still think that the Bibb is the best track in Australia and definitely one of my favourite tracks in the whole world. Why is that? It is definitely the best planned and laid out trail I have ever hiked. It was modelled after the Appalachian Trail but I personally think it is much better than the AT. The huts are just incredible - the Hilton type of all trail shelters. On the AT you will rarely find any hut that is as nice and comfortable as the Bibb huts. The trail marking is impeccable, the guidebook is great and logistics are easy. This is a fool proof trail even for beginners, although I have read in the trail registers that people managed to get lost or found it hard. But for a long-distance hiker it is a walk in the park... and it is great fun!!!

Old tramway
I definitely recommend this trail to everyone, as really everyone can enjoy it. You decide yourself how hard you are going to make it by determining the distance you want to hike each day. You can either just go from one hut to the next hiking only about 20 km per day on easy terrain or you can double hut and do about 40 km every day - or you can just camp in between the huts and do any distance you would like! It is a great track for a holiday on the trail as staying in the huts is so relaxing and comfortable. The trail is almost 1.000 km long and it both times it took me 35 days to hike the whole distance. You could hike it faster, but the huts are so tempting to have half a day off relaxing..... 

Grass trees
But although it is incredibly interesting and varied (especially for someone from Europe or the US), it does not have any "WOW" sights - except for the beaches. If you are looking for breathtaking alpine scenery than look somewhere else. But if you are happy hiking through an interesting and unique environment this is for you.

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