Saturday, 4 June 2011

Yukon: Whitehorse

So far everything went according to plan. Adrian and I met at Frankfurt airport and had an uneventful and smooth flight to Whitehorse. Whitehorse has only about 20,000 inhabitants - but a weekly direct flight from Frankfurt and one from Switzerland. I guess there are a lot of German-speaking people dreaming of the Yukon! Here in Whitehorse we are staying at a very nice hostel: Nice room, kitchen, free internet - and a huge supply of free food (leftovers from other guests) that saved us already a lot of money as we could pilfer their spice supplies.

Our new boat fully loaded
We have spent two rather stressful days shopping: First we had to find a boat. There are only 3 options: Canadian Tire, a huge home depot sort of store that also sells rather mediocre boats and two canoe shops that sell used boats. We eventually bought an Old Town canoe from one of the canoe shops for 900 CAN$ and are quite happy with it. Next we had to buy supplies for at least 2 weeks. As Whitehorse is the biggest town on the whole Yukon we tried to buy as much as possible. Our hostel room looks like a huge mess and I have my doubts whether we will be able to fit everything into our new canoe, but Adrian is quite optimistic. We will see tomorrow....

I don't know when we will have the next chance for internet access and therefore the next blog update take a while...


Officer Family said...


WE are COMING to Germany!!!!! Our son in law is in the Air Force and they just got stationed at Spangdahlem AFB. John and I are coming in October. John's hoping that you can meet up with us. So please give him a buzz.

Gentleman hikers Wife

Anonymous said...

You are bulding this up nicely,it is quite exciting!