Tuesday, 1 May 2012


This trail is only 84 km long and served as a connector. After I had taken the train back from Gerald to the place where I left the Elisabethpfad I spent the better part of the day finishing the Elisabethpfad and spending a lot of time in lovely Marburg. Of course, it rained and the weather was so wet that I even decided to treat myself to a restaurant meal. But at 4 pm I needed to leave the haven of civilisation called Marburg to find myself a stealth camp site on the Lahn-Dill-Berglandpfad.

This trail being so short nothing spectacular happened. The weather remained cold, but at least there was no more snow. And my visit with Gerald had given me a lot of inspiration. I was inspecting the forest with new eyes and found a lot of the fabulous "Knoblauchsrauke", and edible plant. It takes a little bit getting used to but after a while I loved the taste and wondered why it is not more used in normal cuisine.

The Lahn-Dill-Berglandpfad is a typical German hiking trail of the "new generation". Next to the main trail there are several short loop trails ideal for tourist who want a short hike and have a base in the area. The trail skirts various minor attractions like lovely river valleys, old stone works and a lot of view points. Of course the trail marking was impeccable. The trail is pleasant and nice, but nothing I would go far out of my way for. But its two termini are Marburg and Herborn which are both historical towns with a lovely and pittoresque town centre.


Anonymous said...

What part of the edible plant do you eat?

German Tourist said...

Just the leaves.