Sunday, 23 September 2012

A hike through Western Europe: Facts and Figures

Length of hike: about 4.500 km
Thereof alked alone: 4.500 km
Duration of hike: 172 days from 01.04. - 19.09.2012
Thereof rest days: 14
Thereof rest days due to illness: 2
Nero days: about 20
Average daily mileage including rest days: 26,12 km
Average daily mileage excluding rest days: 30, 41 km

Number of nights in my tent: 125
Number of nights in free shelters: 10
Number of nights in youth or pilgrims' hostels: 9
Number of nights with friends in Germany: 10
Number of friends visited: 4
Number of nights in hotels, guesthouses or holiday apartments: 12
Number of nights with Couchsurfing hosts: 6
Number of Couchsurfing hosts visited: 3

Equipment failures: 1 broken tent pole, 1 delaminated Thermarest, 2 Platypus bottles with holes, 3 ½ pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of socks

Number of resupply packages sent from Germany: 4

Illnesses: Diarrhea because of Antibiotic treatment of Lyme disease, temporary deafness because of hay fever

Most scenic part: France from Vosges to Vercors
Ugliest part: Spain Camino del Norte
Positive trail surprise: Germany Elisabethpfad
Negative trail surprise: Spain GR 11 in the Pyrenees

Best learning success: Gerald's lessons about German forestry
Scariest experience: Nightly encounter with geocachers
Most dangerous animal encounter: Tick bites

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