Sunday, 14 October 2012

Mississippi: Aitkin

Aitkin campground
Things improved rapidly after Brian had fallen into the water while beaching at Aitkin campground. We quickly set up our tents and set off to hike into Aitkin for dinner. We even managed to get a ride from a local fireman who told is that his wife's cold butt won't feel that bad tonight thinking of us freezing our asses off in the campground. But after this comforting comment her recommended is a really nice diner where we warmed up and had a great dinner. Although this was to be the coldest night of our trip I slept warm in anticipation of our first real full rest day.

And what a great rest day we had: I started with a huge steak and eggs breakfast in the diner. We then managed to get a ride to the one and only laundromat in town that happened to be just opposite the one and only public shower. Life was a lot better already with clean clothes and freshly showered but I even topped that by getting a new haircut for 18$ only. The hairdresser called herself an army brat and revelled in her sweet memories of Germany. The library in town let us use the computers as long as we liked which eventually have me the opportunity to post some pictures. And when we returned to our campsite all our gear and kayaks were still there! Although being spread out quite a bit Aitkin had all that a paddler could wish for and the locals were really friendly.

I enjoyed that rest day tremendously and could have easily spend another day but the weather forecast for the next week is relatively good and we want to take advantage of that and paddle as far South as possible - into warmer climate!

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