Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Preparations Part 4 - How to move out of your apartment

Who needs heavy gear?
I always thought I don't have many earthly belongings. Moving out of my apartment proved that idea wrong! There is more and more junk coming out of every corner. I found clothes I had bought when I was 15!!! The problem is that I don't have a car any more, so I have to transport everything on my bicycle. Have you ever tried to transport a washing machine with a bike - forget it.

I knew I had seven sleeping bags but in fact I had  ten! Of course the old ones weigh about 3 kilo each (this was before my ultralight hiking days) so they will now go to a charity for homeless people. I even managed to get rid of my washing machine - I sold it on Ebay. Luckily I didn't write on Ebay that  you have to lift the really heavy washing machine over half of my bathroom installations. Bad surprise for the buyer who will come with two strong men tomorrow and get it. I already moved half of my stuff to a self storage place and it is really amazing how much stuff fits into 8,4 square meters. Unfortunately, I feel like I am running out of time. I have 10 days left before departure and 5,000 things to do. But this always happens before a big trip...

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