Monday, 5 May 2008

Eurovelo 6: Krems

Sabine and I testing my timer
Krems was about the nicest stop on my whole trip and this is due to Sabine. I had not met Sabine before - who had just got to know each other from an outdoor internet forum discussing various trips and ultralight gear. She is living in Krems and when I realised that Krems is at the Danube we agreed that I should visit her. I ended up staying 2 nights and having so much fun! Sabine is a survival expert - so when we decided to barbecue some Brats for dinner, we made a campfire in her garden NOT using a lighter, but flint stone and a knife only. It took a while, but it worked. I learnt something for life.

Stone Age hut
Next day we visited a stone age village where experimental archaelogists try out stone age technology for making coal and melting iron. Very interesting. We learnt that the equivalent of a Porsche in stone age is a iron axe! I will never be able to look innocently at an axe again and I realised that outdoor people can in fact learn a lot from stone age men. When I took leave from Sabine the next day I knew I would come back sooner or later.

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