Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Bathrooms in Japan

Bathrooms are great fun here - even public toilets. They are super clean and most of them have a control panel that rivals that of an airplane. But what is the bathroom etiquette here?

First of all, if you are in a private house you have to change from your house slippers into the toilet slippers that are provided inside the toilet. No joke!

If you are lucky, you will then find a Western-style toilet. Sit down on it and here comes the next surprise - the toilet seat will be heated. Even in public toilets!

When you are done with your business comes the tricky part. Where is the flush button? There are so many buttons on the control panel... Usually it is on the water tank behind the toilet. You push it - and then next surprise. Water will be running into a sort of wash basin above the flush tank. Wonderful example for saving water: You are washing your hands in the water that will be filling the flush tank!

You then hopefully do not forget to change back into your house slippers and start dreaming of your next wonderful bathroom experience in Japan.

There is only one problem: How will I ever be able to live again without heated toilet seats?

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