Monday, 29 March 2010

Florida Trail: Numbers and Statistics

Southern start point: Oasis Visitor Center on Tamiami Trail (Loop Road had been closed this year)
Northern end point: Fort Pickens
Lake Okeechobee: Western Corridor
Orlando: Eastern Corridor

Maximum number of days in a row I hiked with dry shoes: 5 (on the road walks around Orlando)
Number of nights with frost on my tent: 10
Number of significant detours due to flooding: 1 (Aucilla River)
Highest water level waded through: Waist-high up to my backpack (Alaqua Creek in Eglin)
Number of socks destroyed in 2 months: 2 pairs
Number of shoes destroyed in 2 months: 2 pairs
Number of trail angels I stayed with: 6
Number of rest days: 4
Number of times I got seriously lost: 0
Number of times I hitchhiked: 0
Maximum amount of food I carried: 9 days of food (between Okeechobee and Christmas)
Number of other thruhikers I have met on the trail: 2 (Gandalf and Popeye)
Number of times I was stopped by the police: 2 (both very friendly)

Most disgusting event: Drinking water out of canals with 100s of decaying fish in them
Most scary event: Wading through almost waist-high dark swamp water with an alligator in it
Biggest danger on the FT: Being bitten by a dog
Most favorite quote: "It is always warm and dry in Florida winter."

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