Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Bibbulmun Track revisited: Part 1

Hot christmas on the Bibb
 I must admit that I feel a bit guilty about hiking a trail again instead of trying something new. But I have had so many problems on the other trails that I just needed a break and something easy!!! I had enjoyed the Bibb Track so much last time and I hoped I would enjoy it a lot even a second time.

Well, so far my plan has worked out! The weather has really been cooperating. It has been overcast almost all the time and that means that I did not get baked in the sun. I was surprised to see a lot more people on the trail this time. But the trail and the various shelters are still as nice as they were 2 years ago.

And I had 2 very unexpected re-encounters. I was hiking down Mt. Cooke one afternoon when I met a group of 4 hikers. I politely said hello, when one guy asked me whether I had hiked the Larapinta Trail this year. I was very much surprised, but it turned out that he was the hiker who crossed the first flooded stream on the Larapinta before me after the torrential downpour. And he remembered me! Very surprising considering that these two events happened thousands of km apart.

Next surprise came when I came into my first resupply town Dwellingup and entered the Visitor Information Centre. I was immediately greeted by the lady working there - she remembered me from 2 years ago! This is such a small world.... But maybe I have been in Western Australia now enough...

Four of my American and European long-distance hiking friends have hiked the Bibb Track as well - probably having been lured into it by my recommendations and raving reports. It is a fun game to track down their entries in the trail registers and read their comments about the trail. They all seem to have liked it!


Unknown said...

Hi Christine,

I am the person you met on the larapinta trail and the bibbulmun track. My name is Dean. happy hiking!

Anonymous said...

Hea Christine:

We got your post card!! The Gentleman hiker was glad to hear from you and me too . John want's to know how to get ahold of you? OR give him a call when you get a chance.
We have been keeping up with you on your blog. Sounds like you have had some pretty rough times. Makes you appreciate the AZ trail!!
John has talked a few times at REI about the AZ Trail so he relives it over and over, and ofcourse we cant go without telling how he got his name. "Gentleman Hiker"
We think of you often and hope that you are well. Keeping you in our prayers!!
Be safe. Call when you get a chance!!

Kathy Officer

Monte Clifford said...

Ahh... Christine. You are a memorable person. Anyone would remember you. Merry Christmas from California, where you are remembered.

Anonymous said...

So it is not just lip service,you really are in love with the Bibbulmun Track! Is there any one section that stands out?