Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A hike through Southern Europe: Statistics

Before I embark on my next trip I want to finish my hike through Southern Europe with some statistics:

Time: 28.08.2013 – 29.01.2014

Length: 3.865 km from Deutsches Eck, Koblenz, Germany to Isla Palomas, Tarifa, Spain
thereof in Germany: 258 km
thereof in France: 1.612 km
thereof in Spain: 1.995 km

As usual the length of the trip is difficult to determine. The number given above represent the length according to the gpx tracks I have downloaded. In hindsight I must say that especially in Spain these tracks where often incorrect. The tracks had been rerouted. I had to take lots of detours, but also shortcuts. Some tracks were even completely wrong. Also gpx tracks tend to show a shorter mileage than the trail on the ground because they don't follow every switchback or trail corner. I guess the actual mileage was slightly higher, probably around 4.000 km.

Days: 154
thereof in Germany: 10, average daily mileage: 25,8 km (without rest days: 30 km)
thereof in France: 58, average daily mileage: 27,8 km (without rest days: 35 km)
thereof in Spain: 86, average daily mileage: 23,2 km  (without rest days: 30 km)

The drop of daily mileage reflects the decrease of daylight in winter. I could have easily hiked further every day but had to stop because it got dark.

Nights free camping: 114
thereof in Germany: 9
thereof in France: 46
thereof in Spain: 57

Nächte Campingplatz: 6
thereof in Germany: 0
thereof in France: 5
thereof in Spain: 1

Nächte Jugend-/Pilgerherberge, Gite d Etape: 10
thereof in Germany: 0
thereof in France: 6
thereof in Spain: 4

Nächte Hotel: 26
thereof in Germany: 1
thereof in France: 1
thereof in Spain: 24

The high amount of hotel stays in Spain is unusual for my hiking style but it reflects various reasons: Already in early December I had secured accommodation for my holiday stay in Germany. I was slowing down deliberately because I did not want to finish before I could move in there. Also the cold weather was taking its toll plus there was an unusual high amount of sightseeing stuff along the trail.

Medical consultations: 3
Rest days because of health reasons: 1
Pair of shoes used: 3
Number of blisters: 0

Highest point: around 1.800 m in Andalusia, Northern variant
Temperature range: 28 C to – 8 C
Nights I felt cold for longer than an hour: 0
Average hours of daylight in Spain (December and January: 10 h

The wide temperature range shows how difficult it was to find the right equipment for this trip. I did not want to change gear during the trip due to logistical reasons and therefore had to carry winter gear the whole time - and to feel rather ridiculous with a winter quilt in summer temperatures.

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