Saturday, 30 August 2014

Cycling Baltic States and Finland: Statistics

Duration of trip: 112 days from May 5th to September 24th, 2014

Kilometres cycled: around 7,900 (my bike computer wasn't working properly some time)

Daily average including rest days: 70 km per day
Daily average excluding rest days: 87 km per day (excluding half days of cycling the average rises to around 90 km)

Nights at commercial campgrounds: 4
Nights in hotels, hostels and B&B: 12
Nights with Couchsurfing hosts: 4
Nights spent in my tent freecamping: 92

Ferry rides: 15
Train rides: 1

Number of self barbecued grill sausages eaten: 22
Number of saunas visited: 6

Number of tick bites: 2
Number of mosquito bites: countless
(I rather have it this way than the other way round....)

Bike problems: one worn out tire and one bottom bracket had to be replaced, one broken spoke
Number of flat tires: 0

Number of falls from bike: 2
Number of doctors visited: 1 (not related to the above statistical number....)

Number of fellow long distance cyclists (trip longer than 2 months) met: 3 
Number of moose seen: 2

Favorite food: Finnish grill sausages, Finnish Kotikalja (sweet non-alcoholic beer), drinking yoghurt (preferably wild strawberry flavor), chocolate curd snacks in the Baltic States, white chocolate with rice crisps and dried blueberries

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