Thursday, 3 May 2018

Northern European traverse

On May 5th I will embark on my next big hiking trip: 3,000 km from Gothenburg in Sweden to the Northernmost point in Europe, the North Cape in Norway. This is the last part of my European North-South traverse.

Part one of this hike from Germany to Spain has taken place in the winter of 2013/14 and is part of my latest book. I hiked part two through Germany and Denmark mostly in summer of 2016 when an unexpected hospital stay forced me to abandon more adventurous plans. I hope to finish this last part in early September this year.

I will mostly be following the European long-distance trail E1 but will probably deviate from it to hike the famous Kungsleden instead.

During my hike I will post daily in German on my FB page. An update in English on this blog will follow after returning to home.


Jay said...

Hi Christine.. Great to hear! I read with interest your account of the southern section of your trans-Europe traverse, which inspired me to undertake part of that route this time last year starting at Tarifa on the GR7 (amazing weather). Since then, I've been thinking a lot about thru-hiking the Scandanavian section of the E1, but heading south from Nordkapp. What are your reasons for chosing to hike northbound? I'm guessing weather conditions?

Good luck with your hike, enjoy it!

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