Friday, 28 August 2009

Weird sightseeing part 4 - the Willy Park in Sinnnam

To explain the this towns main attraction, the 'Willy Park' I want to quote my guidebook: 'Sinnam legend has it that a young virgin drowned within sight of her boyfriend on a small rocky island offshore. The boy had hoped to save her but was unable to because of the rough seas. Shortly after her death, fishermen noticed tht the catch was dwindling and soon the town was sure that this 'unfulfilled' girl had cursed the fishing grounds.

All hope seemed lost, but when a fisherman heeding the call of nature did so facing the ocean, the next day's catch increased. Soon the village erected, um, erections in hopes that the penises would placate the frustrated ghost. The fishing yields returned to normal, and Sinnam's custom of showing Mr. Willy to the water remains to this day.'

The result is a Penis Sculpture festival including a giant phallus-carving contest. The festival's products are displayed in the 'Willy Park' and make for a great hour of sightseeing. See yourself in the pictures! By the way: It was awfully uncomfortable being the model in this picture. The sculpture was made out of plastic and awfully hot in the midday sun....
Unfortunately we heard rumours that fundamentalist Christians want to prevent further Willy festivals.

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