Sunday, 6 June 2010

I will be a TV star..... in Canada!

I in cyling outfit in Zion
It all started in Torrey, UT at the Chuckwaggon General Store. I was sitting on the front porch, happily eating banana cream pie and having my about 500th discussion about socialized health care. (Once people find out that I am from Germany, a country with socialized health care, this is their favorite topic. In this case, the couple I was talking to was against it: "We do not want socialism.....", but most Americans I have talked to were in favor of it. But anyways.....)
Suddenly two cyclists in a colorful racing outfit showed up. They looked way too clean and smelled far too nice to be REAL cyclists, but cyclist is cyclist and so we started a conversation. Turned out they were from Montreal and touring with a film team! Later they confided in me that most of the time they were not cycling at all, but filming... They admired my bike (but called it a "tank") and came up with the great idea to incorporate me into their show. They were filming for a TV cycling and traveling series called "L'Amerique a velo" and showed landscape and tourist attraction en route of their presumed "cycling trip". (Most of the time they were riding in their camera team's truck. They were only cycling when they were filmed...) All this sounds pretty bad, but the two cyclists, the main stars so to speak, were really nice guys. One even owns a bike shop in Montreal and sponsors the show.
So eventually I was given ice cream to look realistic (hey, that means I got paid for the shooting) and was filmed meeting the two guys, talking to them and actually cycling with them. Cycling around small town Torrey with a film crew in a truck ahead of you filming out of their truck generated a lot of attention and eventually even the sheriff showed up!
Despite the fact that the "2 Canadian racing cyclists meet a German woman on a tank" scene had to be shot at least 5 times (and my ice cream was melting) the whole thing was great fun and I did not fall off my bike cycling between two racing bikes behind a truck.
So now you can admire me on Canadian TV!!!!!

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