Friday, 24 November 2017

Aföldi Kektura: Conclusion

I am a big fan of hiking in Hungary out of various reasons that I have explained here. But even I have to admit that the Aföldi Kektura is not the greatest hiking trail on earth - especially when you are walking in summer! The lowlands are indeed low and incredibly flat. Most of the time you won't have any shade and walk along irrigation canals. There are some nice villages and interesting towns nearby but you can find that anywhere else in Hungary, too. So I would not specifically go to Hungary to hike the Aföldi Kektura - there is much better hiking on the Northern Kektura, which is one of my favourite hiking trails.

Plus you have the problem of following the Schengen border for quite a while - and Hungarian police and border patrol take their job very seriously! So expect to be checked several times. Still as part of my long-distance hike I enjoyed my time on the Aföldi. It was flat and easy hiking without any navigational problems. The Aföldi is impeccably marked like the rest of the Kektura. I could make long and easy miles which felt nice. And even in summer I enjoyed the many thermal baths and swimming pools ...

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